Connecting the soul of West End with the hearts of Charlotteans

Lakewood Trolley, a one-mile vintage trolley tourist excursion set along the gorgeous backdrop of the Stewart Creek Greenway, will emerge from the center of the mill village. Winding its way through the village, the trolley path will create a stroll district, giving context to the surrounding development and paying homage to the site’s textile history. Running straight past the brewery’s large picture windows and then off-site, the trolley will head south on an original streetcar track built in the early 1900s, along the greenway and through the neighborhoods of Seversville and Wesley Heights to Third Ward in uptown. It will connect and celebrate these communities, while also connecting and promoting one of the richest networks of greenway and park space in the uptown area. 

Lakewood Trolley, Inc. was founded in March 2014 by stakeholders who share an interest in connecting West End neighborhoods and the vibrancy of uptown Charlotte through a heritage trolley service. These neighborhoods were once served by Charlotte’s historic streetcar to Lakewood Park in the early 1900s on the same tracks, which will be reused for this new excursion.

  • Using the same tracks that were once owned by Piedmont & Northern Railway, Lakewood Trolley will enhance Charlotte’s quality of life by providing a sense of place, as well as economic, educational, and cultural opportunities.
  • Lakewood Trolley will be a regional tourist destination, linking neighborhoods, connecting the city with its past, and celebrating its culture and diversity.
  • Lakewood Trolley has secured Charlotte’s original and restored Car No. 85 from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission for the service. Car 85 is a local treasure that was the last car to operate on Charlotte’s historic streetcar tracks.
  • The trolley will parallel the beautiful Stewart Creek Greenway, which extends 1.25 miles from Cedar Street in Third Ward to State Street in the Seversville and Smallwood neighborhoods, home of Seversville and Martin Luther King Parks and the historic Savona Mill, which is currently under redevelopment.
  • Lakewood Trolley will offer regularly scheduled rides, along with opportunities for expanded service for special events such as Panthers and Knights games, holiday and seasonal events, and other uptown activities. It will also be available for private parties.