Argos Real Estate Advisors is a pioneer and leader in non-traditional work environments. A real estate brokerage and development firm, Argos focuses on Charlotte’s urban core. We represent commercial property owners, buyers, tenants, investors and developers and are experts in higher density, transit-oriented, mixed and multi-use environments.

In development, we bring overlooked or abandoned urban real estate to life with proven experience and visionary insight to create unique places. The contextual development of these places brings economy for new jobs, adds long term value for communities and furthers the good of us all.

Our commitment at Savona is to create a destination that connects people intuitively with how they naturally and most productively interact, transact and live, thus blurring the line between work and life. Savona matches the spirit of early 20th Century American ingenuity with a modern sustainable approach to development and on-site practices.